Assessment Center

The Assessment Centre developed by HILL Romania is an effective tool available for assessing individuals in both, individual and group based environments, for selection or development.

The Assessment Centre meets your business needs regarding:
> Evaluation of individual competencies
> Evaluation of team’s performances
> Personnel selection
> Identification of training needs

The Assessment Centre we offer are supported by the frame concepts developed by our R&D department in cooperation with the HILL International network, are specially designed for assessing designated competencies profile and you can benefit in addition by our competitive advantage resulted from our extensive experience in:
- evaluating observable behavior indicators
- establishing the correspondence with the specific competency profiles needed in a management decision process regarding employees’ professional development.

Candidates are assessed on clusters of competencies according to specific individual or group development objectives and thus, the Assessment Centre comprise a complex set of assessment trials designated and applicable in accordance with the specific needs.

The entire process of assessment is constituted of several analytical methods chosen and adapted in correlation with the clusters of competencies and in accordance with the development level for each competence (e.g.: interview, computer-based competencies analysis, accompanied by a number of case studies, role-plays, simulations, etc.).

The generic objective of such an approach is represented by the appraisal of personal development status and participants’ prospective resources.

Our methodology is adapted in such manner that it could reflect through its instruments the operational and measurable responses of one person as a concrete demonstration of his/her competencies. In correlation with required competency profile agreed with the Client’s representatives, the results of our assessments provide as many behavioral data as possible, in the form of description of personal suitability with requested profile as well as graphs, charts, tables, for inter-individual comparisons.

Use the advantages of the Assessment Center and simply contact us!