HILL Competence Audit

Identify your high performers in order to maximize results in your company through the ideal positioning of your key players.
Your benefit
> Performance increase without additional personnel costs
> Occupation of the key positions by adequate high performers
>Objective basis for decisions
> Ideal cost/use lever
>Proven reduction of fluctuation rate

Expansion and growth through the identification of relevant high performers
Correct allocation of high performers in key positions increases your efficiency and increases your chance to be one step ahead of the competition in the long run, without raising the headcount or making large investments.

Do you know the potentials of your employees and managers?
Employees often possess skills that are often hardly or not at all used by the company, but could essentially improve the performance of the organization. They must only be recognized and utilized correctly. The adequate positioning of the high performers directly increases the efficiency and motivates employees – also in times of insecurity.

Provide a clear basis
We support you in making your decisions quickly and above all objectively for the best benefit of the company. The individual use of the modular HILL Competence Analysis© supplies you with results compared to a business relevant sample and the HILL experts elaborate concrete positioning and development recommendations for your employees and/or managers.

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