Success through reliable personnel decisions

The decision
> Selection from the best candidates
> Signing of agreement
Team coaching
> Alignment of team members
> Clear-cut assignment allocation
> Clear-cut role allocation
> Repetition of entire Search & Selection Procedure free of charge

You have chosen your favourite candidate from the Top 3. Congratulations! Normally the Search & Selection Procedure concludes with this decision however ... Unexpected events may occur at any time!

Protect your investment!

Should the new employee leave your company within the first months after recruitment, or should you part with him/her, then we will repeat the entire Personnel Search & Selection procedure without charging you for this service. This service provides you with security - in turbulent markets as well.


Safeguard against the unexpected and increase the efficiency of your employees from the very first day!
The renowned 100 days for job familiarization need not be. Help your employees become integrated team members. In our Team Coaching module we establish clear-cut assignment allocation and spheres of responsibility. In addition to this, we fine-tune internal communication regulations.

 "The HILL guarantee is unique! And provides the client with the necessary security to make a sound decision, especially in insecure CEE markets. The guarantee was called upon in only 3% of all HILL Network service projects."
Jan Zverina, HILL Partner Russia & Slovakia

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