Our Services

Increase the added value of your company!
Utilize all strengths and potentials within your business. By selecting and positioning your employees skilfully, you will increase the efficiency of your company. Targeted employee promotion schemes enhance commitment and job-satisfaction - and thus contribute to your company's growth due to optimal skill deployment.

Swift orientation and stabilization – even in insecure markets
We are full-service providers - located in over 30 countries, and offer high quality and promptly realizable solutions, all of which are tailored to the requirements of your specific enterprise. This enables you to create stability, and to optimize your company's performance. 

"Our services focus on the unique requirements of each client. We support businesses with our know-how and our experience as Full-Service Consultants in all questions concerning HR and management. And this includes a full-coverage network in CEE & SEE as well as a well-established Potential Analysis System."
Dr. Othmar HILL, Founder of HILL International