HILL Management Mailer 1/2011 - The Dimension of Values

Whether genuine corporate values or ones pushed sky-high, the assessment of enterprises in the course of structural change, the value of our human capital or rather human resources, the added value of our products and services: we constantly concern ourselves with how we can reliably evaluate certain parameters and ultimately the quality of our economic action. This family of concepts is joined – in a more or less close connection – by moral or ethical values. Yet, what is the value of values?

Birgit Pfannhauser, marketing manager, about corporate values, change in values and values, which affects international cooperation. Read more>>

Valuable Research
Third-party funding – the economy and universities benefit: HILL-AMC Management introduces a follow-up project. Read more>>

Free Values for All?
Johannes L. Zeitelberger, founder of several technology enterprises about relationships, values and web 2.0. Read more>>

Reversing the Omens
Astrid Lamprechter, managing director of GWS Produktion Handel Service, in the interview about social mandate and cost effectiveness. Read more>>

Ethical Corporate Value?
European enterprises »discover« reporting on sustainability. A report from Stefan Grbenic, associate professor at the Polytechnic in St. Pölten. Read more>>

The Culture of Good Co-operation
Three managers of international HILL partners in an interview about perspectives and misunderstandings in practice. Read more>>

Renaissance of Values?
Othmar Hill on the change in values. Read more>>

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