HILL Management Mailer 2/2011 - The Success Factor of Corporate Culture

Corporate culture is a nice-sounding keyword. After all, nowadays an enterprise that considers itself important wants to publicize its corporate culture. Yet culture is not just culture and can lead to unhealthy side effects both for enterprises and their employees. Prevention and analysis of the status quo are the top priorities for sustainability and success in economically troubled times.

Mag. Michael Chyska, marketing manager at HILL International, on corporate culture as the smallest common denominator between enterprises and individuals.
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Experienced Corporate Culture

Dr. Othmar Hill, founder and President of HILL International, emphasizes the importance of responsible management above all in times of crisis. Using the example of a large glass company with two factories in Austria and Hungary, he illustrates the implementation of a corporate culture analysis by means of an employee attitude survey.
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Success is Determined Internally

Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Maria Tagwerker-Sturm, MBA MSc, Innovation manager at Doka Industry, explains in detail the innovation capacity of enterprises. Using the example of classical idea management, she explains the difficulties of innovation processes and lists prerequisites for innovations that can be recorded by employee attitude surveys.
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The Stress Test for Enterprises
The motivation, integrity and loyalty of employees play a decisive role in the successful survival of an enterprise in times of crisis. Prof. Dr. Dip.-Ing. Georg Turnheim, managing director of HILL-AMC Management, presents a diagnosis system for stress and burnout prevention in an enterprise.
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Corporate Culture - Phenomenon or Phantom?
Dkfm. Dr. Herwig W. Kressler, a lecturer at Vienna University, explains the danger of mission statements combined with a hire and fire corporate culture. The employees of an enterprise determine its culture and develop a corporate culture by accident. Dr. Kressler illustrates the assets of a corporate culture by design and how an enterprise can achieve them.
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