HILL Management Mailer 1/2008 - Driving Force Innovation

The question »Innovation: yes or no« has long passed. Much more, today it is: when and in which form. What the driving forces for success are, how companies actively implement innovation management, and which role company culture and leadership play in it is contained in this edition of the HILL Management Mailer.

Melanie Harrer, Marketing Manager, about continuous innovation, new solutions for customers and independent thinking. Read more >>

Innovation in Practice
Readers talk about experiences and measures: »What does innovation mean to you, and what do you do in your company to promote innovation?« For the first time, we directly addressed the readers of the HILL Management Mailer with a question.

Soft Facts drive Hard Facts
Corporate culture and the ability for innovation: The ability for innovation is regarded as one of the most important levers for long-term increase of profitability and growth of companies, in order to be able to stay competitive in the long run. Read more >>

Conquering the System
Flexible change through interface organization: Friedrich Blaha, CEO of Blaha Büromöbel, about his approach towards innovation, paradigm change and new organizational forms. Read more >>

Tailor-made Screening
bauMax walks innovative paths in personnel selection - with the online screening procedure HILL_Online Matching. Read more >>

Unity or Versatility?
More creativity through different models of thinking: Herbert Pietschmann, scientist and author, about border-crossing thinking and behavior. Read more >>

Recognizing Potentials
The HILL Germany team expands: »The most valuable thing in life is the development of personality, and its creative potential«, explains Carola Scheffel, Managing Partner and responsible for the German branch office of HILL International with location in Wiesbaden. Read more >>

We hope you enjoy the read!