HILL Management Mailer 1/2010 - Outlook Market Opening

From May 1st, 2011 on, the employees of the majority of the new EU member states will have free access to the labour markets of Austria and Germany. The transition term granted and extended by the EU expires then. No question: This topic is complex, especially in the current economic environment. Which chances does this bring, which tasks must companies fulfil yet, what should we pay attention to?

Birgit Pfannhauser, Marketing Manager, about the last relevant step for the joining of the European Union, resultant changes, risks and newly gained opportunities.
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HILL-AMC Researches
Starting with this edition, we will report about excerpts of results of these consulting and research activities in the HILL Management Mailer, in order to invite a broader public to discussion and to support the realization of existing research results.
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Labour Market with a Future?
Mr. Johannes Kopf, member of the management team of the Public Employment Service Austria, talks about chances we can use, openness and new ideas. Besides he speaks in the interview about qualifications, in which we should invest now.
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Multiplied Options
At the end of April 2011 the protective term "transition term for the free movement of workers in the EU" ends in Austria and Germany. This regulation meant that employees from the CEE countries that joined in the EU 2004 usually were not allowed to enter a work relationship in Austria and Germany. For companies there will be at least a theoretical multiplication of the potential labour force offer. Read more>>

EU-member States have the Duty
A uniform contact that is to support companies in all questions of administration associated with cross-border activities was introduced in December 2009 in the framework of the service provider guideline. According to this, member states must ensure that all procedures and formalities related to the commencement or the performance of a service can be handled from abroad and electronically without a problem. Read more>>

A Colourful Mixture, Good Performance
Recruiting highly specialized labour forces on the global labour market and integrating them into intercultural teams poses great challenges to the work of managers. Next to professional and social competencies, intercultural knowledge is indispensable today. Read more>>

35 Years of HILL
A Pioneer´s Anniversary. Othmar Hill in the interview about the most exciting phase of development and the labour world in future. Read more>>

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