HILL Management Mailer 2/2013 - Generation Y- The Millenials

Is it not high time to deal objectively and in a practice-oriented way with a new generation of managers that diverse media have sufficiently presented as ‘untameable’ and as ‘astonishingly different’? Do these future top managers really tick differently to their predecessors or are there points in common? Are there differences in personal attitudes to previous managers and, much more importantly, can an enterprise tolerate different management cultures existing side by side? You can find a few ideas and thoughts on this exciting topic in the current edition of the HILL Management Mailer.

Michael Chyska, Marketing Manager at HILL International, on the Y generation and the concomitant opportunities for enterprises taking a keen interest in it.
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The claim to find oneself
In personal counselling, the most contradictory statements can often be found. Linda Baumgartner about a generation that seems to be anchored to the poles of optimism and pessimism.
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New patterns of leadership for a new generation
Today, the complexity and uncertainty of economic processes is challenging enterprises and their decision-makers more than ever. Here, the opportunity lies in availing oneself of new and innovative approaches that enable the potential of future decision-makers to be exploited to the full, is the opinion of nowhere.
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Generation Management
The clash of several generations firmly embedded in the enterprise frequently guarantees tensions. In an interview, Prof. Dr. Martin Klaffke explains the significance of generation management for managers especially concerning the Y generation.
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Training management competence and benefiting personally
Using the example of the ‘Allianz Potential Programme’, Sabine Caliskan illustrates the importance of largely covering the need for managers from one’s own ranks and so countering possible recruitment gaps and socio-demographic changes.
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News from HILL International
HILL International and ADVICUM are entering a partnership. As of now, the two consulting firms will secure the increase of value of enterprises together.
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