HILL Management Mailer 1/2013 - Leadership Revisited

Is there such a thing as correct leadership or does the notion need to be rethought? Which parameters determine a manager’s success or failure. And is it not high time to review traditional concepts of ‘successful leadership’? You can find a few suggestions and thoughts on this exciting topic in this edition of the HILL Management Mailer.

Mag. Michael Chyska, Marketing Manager at HILL International, on the dilemma of the unthinking use of management techniques.
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Do you like what you do or do you do what you really like?
Among other things, a manager in the 21st century should be concerned with creating trust through credibility. The Swiss expert Andreas Dudas explains why there is no claim to universal validity for an optimal leadership style and shows how you can achieve authenticity as a management personality.
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You create the exceptional by doing the exceptional
Managers and enterprises are exhausted. HILL expert Dr. Franz Schaudy ponders about the way out of this exhaustion and whether the system is finished.
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Leadership 2.0
What demands are managers currently facing? In the interview, Dr. Othmar Hill talks about which challenges managers should be able to cope with.
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News from HILL International
The HILL network is continuing to expand. We are delighted now to be represented by teams of experts in Vietnam and Cambodia.
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New ownership structure at HILL International Linz
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