HILL Management Mailer 2015

Operation ‘Healthy Organization’

Working to rule or more enthusiasm, loyalty and creativity? Operation ‘Healthy Organization’ determines both a health-promoting atmosphere and healthy members of staff and is thus one of the salient management assignments.

The health of organizations in their entirety is the topic of this edition of the HILL Management Mailer.  Read with what approaches the topic is tackled and what concrete measures to implement to make or keep your enterprise ‘fit’. Enjoy reading.

To be fit for challenges and objectives, it is simply necessary that organizations are healthy, says Birgit Pfannhauser, Marketing Manager at HILL International.
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Meaning, autonomy and competence
In an age when uncertainty and change put a strain on the employees of enterprises and there is a lack of orientation, Elisabeth Leyser sees an increase in resilience at the heart of solutions. In her article, she describes how new forms of co-operation strengthen the potential for corporate action.
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Assets instead of prejudices
Diversely structured enterprises have transformed prejudices into assets. Sabine Caliskan describes how to free yourself from subconscious prejudices, the so-called ‘unconscious bias’, and face the rewarding venture of a prejudice-free culture of diversity.
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Back to a healthy working environment: It’s the psychology – stupid!
Dr. Othmar Hill explains how we can return to a healthy working environment, how psychologists contribute to ‘mental health’ in the company and why a basket of fruit is insufficient.
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Red – yellow – (blue) green: Reinventing Organizations
The way we manage organizations is not appropriate at all. The concept of ‘Teal Organization’ describes how to make organizations successful (again). Dr. Andrea Sutter has read Reinventing Organizations by Frederic Laloux.
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