HILL Management Mailer 2/2012 - Sustainable Management

The need for sustainability is a challenge for every company. Responsible managing is essential in order to maintain respect for every type of resource. The reward is continuing loyalty and real commitment. How can companies use CSR in stakeholder dialogue, how can companies (re)discover their purpose, and what are the benefits of slowing down in management?

Birgit Pfannhauser, Marketing Manager at HILL International, on critical target groups, a change in values and the need for sustainability.
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Slowing Down in Management
Management of the future needs to slow down to be successful. Monika Kanatschnig, author of »Einfach – Achtsam – Wirksam: Fokussiertes Führen in einer beschleunigten Arbeitswelt« (Simple – attentive – effective: Focused management in an accelerated world) and director of HILL Management Carinthia and Styria, shows, using concrete principles, how simplicity and attentiveness can provide a soothing counterbalance to a restless world.
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Potential through CSR in HR Management
Companies who integrate »Corporate Social Responsibility« (CSR) in their corporate strategy are more competitive. Here the focus is inevitably on employees, and in the process, unsuspected possibilities for an effective stakeholder dialogue come to the fore. Florian Holl, CSR expert and managing director of Verso Germany, reports.
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The Power of Purpose
Michael Paula, consultant and catalyst with »nowhere«, lays out his approach to »Purpose« as the driving force which brings organisations to life, forms and sustains them. The author shows how to release people’s creative potential and how to discover that »certain indefinable something«, which can harness this pre-existing strength for a company’s future.
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The Leaders of Tomorrow
What kind of managers and what competencies are currently required? Elisabeth Leyser of HILL International answers questions on leadership and management and explains why mature, authentic people are the leaders of tomorrow.
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HILL International News

The business psychologist and founder of HILL International, Othmar Hill, was honoured for his services in international personnel consulting by the President of the Austrian Economic Senate, Erhard Busek, and was nominated Senator in the presence of top-class economic and financial decision-makers.

The HILL network continues to grow: We are happy to have experts offering our services in Greece and Cyprus now!

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