HILL Management Mailer 3/2009 - Rating Aptitude

Aptitude and potential are the key words. After all, the right person should be in the right position in order to make the best contribution. Because companies and institutions cannot afford to fill positions wrongly, assign responsibilities and tasks falsely, or to distribute development measures wrongly, today even less than before.

Birgit Pfannhauser, Marketing Manager, about aptitude and potential as key words and why it is so important to have the right person in the right position in the company. Read more >>

Managers with Quality and Qualities
An international study conducted by HILL International compares the crisis management potential of the Austrians with that of the population from South and Eastern Europe.

The Best Man for the Job – a Woman
Women support and equal treatment involves all aspects of personnel management and personnel development. Read more >>

State Objectification Initiative
In Germany, personnel professionals, representatives of the social partners and bank experts have come together under the coordination of the Federal Ministry of Labour and designed the »Human-Potential-Index« (HPI). Read more >>

Supervising, Evaluating, Pointing out
When important new positioning or organizational restructuring is pending, managers focus their development activities on the support of the employees that have the potential for other positions. Read more >>

Prepare the Economic Recovery Now
Already in 1999/2000, Romania was affected by a serious economic crisis. Contrary to many renowned personnel companies who had to end their activities in the country, HILL Romania was able to react quickly to the changed conditions. Read more >>

Happy anniversary Moscow!
On the occasion of the 20th birthday of HILL in Russia we asked the manager of the branch office in Moscow, Natalia Kulikova, for an interview. Read more >>

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