HILL Management Mailer 1/2009 - Opportunity M&A

A financial crisis is probably the best and at the same time the most difficult time for mergers and acquisitions. Especially now there is more readiness for change than usual and companies can be bought at very good conditions. At the same time more than ever it is essential to weigh chances and risks in detail, and to select the partners carefully.

Melanie Harrer, Marketing Manager, on mergers and acquisitions in turbulent times. Read more >>

Integration with Foresight
What recommendations do leading heads give other companies about the topic of mergers and acquisitions? Read what they had to say about crunch points of the M&A practice. Read more >>

Mergers in the Turmoil of Emotion
Until just recently there was a general consensus in capitalism that was based on the assumption that our economic life is to be lived free of emotions all in all. But the crisis teaches us that investments are conducted coolly only on the surface. Read more >>

Marry in Haste, Repent in Leisure
It is long indisputable that employees contribute decisively to the value of a company, and are a key factor for its future development. The core of a HR due diligence is formed by the analysis and the evaluation of the existing human resource potential with its »hard facts« and »soft facts«. Read more >>

Competitive Advantage Human Capital
Dejan Popovic, Chief Development Officer of New Frontier Holding, in an interview on success factors of mergers and acquisitions as well as international negotiations. Read more >>

Plan, Analyse, Structure
Mergers and acquisitions are extremely complex projects that must be planned and prepared in detail. Otherwise they are condemned to fail from the start – especially during times of financial crises and credit crunch. Here are several tips for financing your project. Read more >>

Clear Statements
Those who met him personally know how Othmar Hill can draw people into his spell. Now he increasingly offers his experiences to a broader audience, and is a welcome expert for different institutions, media, and companies. Read more >>

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