HILL Management Mailer 1/2014

From Creative Potential to Innovation Culture

What is creativity? Is it a gift or can it be acquired? And why do passivity and the pure combating of symptoms usually still determine economic action, removing the breeding ground for true innovation, the only chance of business success today?
You can find a few suggestions and thoughts on this exciting topic in the current edition of the HILL Management Mailer.

Mag. Michael Chyska, marketing manager at HILL International, on creativity and innovation and the growing importance of employees in this interplay.
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What constitutes creativity?
The complexity and multifacetedness of the concept alone often lead to different interpretations in language usage – one person is creative, and the other is not. Mojca Križnar ponders on the genesis of creativity and the concomitant issues.
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Innovation: the Achilles’ heel of Austrian managers
Prof. Dr. Mühlbacher on the stumbling blocks to the spirit of innovation in the Austrian managerial landscape.
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Successfully managing changes in the enterprise
Anton Marschall, area manager for South-Eastern Europe at Schindler, in an interview on strategic changes and mastering them successfully in one of the worldwide leading providers of mobility solutions.
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The ignition key for successful change

If creativity is the key to successful change, where can this key really be found? Dr. Andrea Sutter on the optimal conditions for unfolding creativity.
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