HILL Management Mailer 2/2009 - A Trial of Motivation

Many managers just as well as employees currently feel themselves subjected to great pressure, as it is necessary to make the right strategic decisions, convey unpleasant news, and keep the employees loyal and the organisation healthy. One thing is certain: An increase of effort and motivation is needed. 

Birgit Pfannhauser, Marketing Manager, about motivation and measures in companies and the winners of the crisis. Read more >>

Using Headwind
A recipe for acting future-oriented, motivating oneself and employees in spite of the crisis, and mastering the challenges in a powerful way – this is what we wanted to educe from our experts from the circle of our readers this time. Read more >>

Healthy Organisations Live Longer
Health, the condition of total well being of the body, mind, and social position according to WHO-definition, originates from where people live, love, play, and work. Health promotion is most effective at work, where people spend most of their time. Read more >>

Status Symbol and Cause for Illness
In times of special challenges stress mobilises our mental and physical resources. At the same time the WHO sees negative stress as the largest health hazard of the 21. Century. 18% of the Austrians (almost 1.5 million) are massively at risk of burn-out. Read more >>

Considerate Acting and Managing
Peter Pöcksteiner, country manager at Mölnlycke Health Care Austria, about communication and saving potential from his practical experience. Read more >>

Sovereign Saying
Petra Rudolf, TV-moderator for the ORF (Austrian Broadcasting Corporation), about using use voice and language correctly in difficult discussions. Read more >>

Interculturally Networked
The network ti communication and HILL International have formed cooperation – in order to mutually use synergies towards customers. Read more >>

We wish you a pleasant summer and hope you enjoy the read!