HILL Management Mailer 3/2008 - Spotlight on Talents

Shortage of skilled labour, talent management and employer branding are current buzzwords in all media. If large concerns are making record profits, but at the same time are cutting back on thousands of employees, there can’t really be much behind this hype. Or is there? Read what experts have to say in this edition of the Management Mailer.

Melanie Harrer, Marketing Manager, about skilled labour, talent management and employer branding. Read more >>

Attractive Values
Employer branding in the practice of our readers on: »What does talent management look like in practice?« Read more >>

Courage for Individuality
Working actively on the company culture instead of copying hypes: Interview with Univ. Prof. Dr. Christian Scholz, holder of the chair of Business Administration, particularly organisation, personnel and information management at the University of Saarland/Germany. Read more >>

Laying the Foundation for Success
Competence models as a long term basis for talent management: How can companies plan their human resources requirements in a future oriented manner and build a suitable talent pool? Read more >>

Strategically Prepared
Employee loyalty through systematic further development of high performers: Interview with Dr. Christian Arbeiter, Director Human Resources for SAP Austria. Read more >>

Time to Rethink
Strategic talent management secures the future: Dr. Othmar Hill about competitive advantage through early recognition and strategic personnel planning. Read more >>

HILL International’s Triple Expansion 
New offices in the West and Southeast: New HILL locations in New York, Paris and Rotterdam. Read more >> 

We hope you enjoy the read!