HILL Management Mailer 2/2008 - Adventure Expansion

Becoming internationally or even globally active is getting increasingly easier for companies – from a superficial view. New markets can be opened up at rapid speed, distances are lessening. But what is needed to make the expansion truly a success in the long run?  Read more on the topic in this HILL Management Mailer.

Melanie Harrer, Marketing Manager, about decisions on central versus decentral management and how to make the expansion truly a success in the long run. Read more >>

International Challenge
Answers from the practical experience of our readers on "What were the most incisive realizations in the framework of internationalisation for you?" Read more >>

Centralize or Decentralize?
Human Resources in the Focus of Company Development. The decision about which functions are located centrally in the (regional) headquarters, and which are positioned in the individual countries, is impending in numerous companies. Read more >>

Intercultural Management
Interview with Ralph Spangenberg, member of the management board responsible for HR at Armstrong DLW AG, about international integration ability as requirement for managers. Read more >>

Dismissal Without Image Loss
Outplacement is much more than application training. The discharge of employees is a sensitive topic in many respects. Many factors need to be considered in dismissal concepts, and the process needs to be clothed in a socially acceptable extent for the involved employees. Read more >>

From East to West
Change as chance in the turkish Sabancı Group. The Sabancı Group, international conglomerate with approximately 55,500 employees worldwide, is active in almost all regions of the world, next to the activities in the country of origin, Turkey. HR Director Merve Ergun talks about experiences with internationalization in an interview. Read more >>

Written Contracts Protect
Legal aspects of employee assignments abroad. Cross-boundary activities are part of the decisive elements of entrepreneurial action in times of economic globalization. In this relationship, also transnational labour force positioning is becoming increasingly important in international economy. Read more >>

Growth Accelerator
As generalist in HR-consulting, HILL Kazakhstan currently counts about 40 customers, and mainly fills positions of the top and middle management level. Currently mainly management positions in the areas of finance, marketing, sales, and technology are being placed for customers. Read more >>

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