HILL Management Mailer 2/2010 - Turning Point Restructuring

What are reliable factors in a company? A permanent change that is necessary to be able to survive on the market in the long run is certainly one of these factors. Beyond that, seriously precarious situations may arise caused by internal or external factors. Major changes then can no longer be avoided, restructuring of the company must take place. Timely measures on levels of finances, organization – and personnel must be enforced to prevent a situation that may be dangerous for the existence of the company.

Birgit Pfannhauser, Marketing Manager, about changes that cannot be avoided, insecurity among the employees and long-term effects on the performance capability. Read more>>

Drive Research
In a basic research by HILL-AMC Management, 79 projects finished in the last years between Austrian universities and companies with a total volume of approximately 29m Euros were examined. The goal was to be able to display closer details of the cooperation in the so-called external fund area. 
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Companion, Rescuer, Accomplice?
The restructuring shall enable a new start of a company completely independent of a new or old owner structure. What contribution can and must the HR-department make, which role should it assume? Christian Scholz, well known HR-specialist from the University of Saarland, shares his opinion in the interview. Read more>>

Restructuring: Yes, but with a Strategy!
A well functioning process in the creation of a continued existence prognosis, meaning the integrated plan calculation including liquidity calculation and regular target/performance comparisons, should be the organizational framework for every company restructuring. Read more>>

Company Saved?
Coming into a company as a restructuring adviser, several other advisers from different special fields have mostly already »put in their two cents«. Frequently, attempts to increase »optimization potentials« went on for years. Read more>>

From the Strategy to the Success Team
Frequently the focus in restructuring phases is primarily fixed on numbers and economic prognoses. Nobody will deny that this is obligatory as a basis to achieve a turnaround. The time and cost pressure under which actions need to be taken in this difficult phase often makes strategic questions and their implications fade into the background. Read more>>

Enlargement in the Network: HILL in France
A new member in the network: Managing director Mohamed Toumi in the interview about the first months in the HILL network, expectations and about challenges in human resources in France. Read more>>

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