Interview Techniques

1. INTERVIEW I Take the top notches!

How sure can you be of the predictions you made based on the information collected during an interview?

In a highly competitive market, selecting the most suitable candidate became a must. For ensuring high rated predictions based on the information collected during the interview, it is necessary to acquire some important abilities that can enhance the objectivity in processing the information and decision-making.

How good are you to reveal the most relevant aspects of the job in order to attract top notches in your organization?

HILL International offers a program for developing the evaluation skills by means of the structured interview, including the following modules:

> Identifying the competencies with predictive value for the performance in a specific position
> Establishing the expected profile for the targeted job
> Strategies used in evaluation of competencies by means of structured interview
> Decision-making in selection process
> Feedback for the interviewed candidate

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2. INTERVIEW II Capitalize the strengths and transform the lacks!

The development actions regarding the performance of your employees should be based on an accurate evaluation of their progress and of their training needs.

The result of discussion between manager and subordinate can have multiple effects: upon the performance of subordinate, upon the performance of manager, upon the performance of business.

The development program offered by HILL International meets the difficulty of many managers in obtaining practical outcomes based on the appraisal interview. In this respect, the training modules are:

> Developing the managerial abilities relevant for successfully conducting the personnel appraisal interview
> Identifying accurately the abilities of the employee and finding the solutions for capitalizing them
> Identifying accurately the areas of improvement and agreeing a development plan in realistic terms and according with business needs
> Practical and relevant feedback against the business needs
> Increasing the motivation and loyalty of employees

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