Restructuring processes requires the increasing of organizational structures by reshaping the working flow and reconsidering the content of many types of activities.

On one hand, the objectives of this type of process depend on business exigencies and on the high competitiveness of the market, but on the other, the whole process becomes a matter of social responsibility.

HILL International meets your business needs offering OUTPLACEMENT services for the employees included in the restructuring processes.

Trusting the expertise of our consultants, together with our highly developed methodology, HILL International offers a tailored-made program based on the needs of each organizational specific, supporting the development of individual abilities and providing the relevant instruments that enable the employees to a new job.

In the same time, based on the predictive value of our instruments, the program of HILL International permits identification of new vocational perspectives and broaden the job alternatives of your employees.

The program of HILL International meets the needs of your employees regarding:

> The type of positions and suitable activity domains which can become the objectives of the job searching process
> The profile of individual abilities that can become the competitive assets in finding a new job
> Where and how they can find a new job, suitable for their professional experience and competencies
> The instruments that ensure success in finding a new job
> Development of the relevant communication abilities in order to best capitalize the job opportunities.

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