Personnel Evaluation

How appropriate are the managers in your organization for the future challenges and how you can best invest in developing their managerial skills?
Assessment of Managerial Competencies for the organization's business needs

> Identify training needs / coaching regarding the organization’s development plans and requirements
> Assessment of managerial competencies of candidates within the selection process
> Assessment of managerial potential for establishing succession plan within the organization
> Compare the candidates for promotion to a position with managerial responsibilities

Effectively capitalize the managerial potential of people from your teams by using the methodology of HILL!

Identify key people in your organization is the first step to meet future market challenges and the development of a Management Audit program can best meet your needs.

Management Audit allows effective actions!
Evaluate objectively the potential of target managers in your teams using assessment methods that are based on scientific principles. In this respect, HILL Competence Analysis© gives you a holistic picture of the skills and potential competences of your team members. HILL consultants, as highly trained professional in interview techniques, along with experienced organizational psychologists, can ensure objective results about the existing potential, but also actions that can be undertaken for development of individual or team competences.

The methodology is used in customized projects, tailored to each organization’s needs!

Benefiting from the advantage of using multiple assessment methods (competence based -structured interviews, psychometric assessment, assessment centers), HILL comes to meet your organization’s needs through tailored made and targeted strategies for the development objectives you configure.

HILL Competence Analysis guarantees results with a high level of objectivity, with an emphasis on scientific standards of evaluation and the data requirements of intercultural differences.

The results are expressed quantitatively and in graphics (allowing comparison of individuals based on common criteria) and / or descriptive (allowing individual results descriptions). Depending on the specific projects, HILL can develop evaluation projects for nominated individuals or for groups.

We have experience of at least 500 managerial evaluations per year!

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