Vision & Mission

„People are my daily business, my employees are my most valuable resource.“ Othmar Hill - Founder and President of HILL International
Dr. Othmar Hill, Founder & President of HILL International

That is precisely what HILL stands for, as HILL International - the enterprise and as Dr. Othmar Hill - the person.

We create movement, manoeuvre people into new life phases, help them to overcome vocational barriers and accompany them along their personal success story.

Philosophy: Especially in a time of discontinuity, radical value changes and restructuring of the work market, as we know it today, the value of the optimal human resources as a stabilizer in a company grows. HILL's approach of the humanistic economical Psychology works especially in these hectic and highly dynamical conditions. We support people and organizations to realize their full potential and develop, use and generate added value for all those involved. We do this by respecting and appreciating individuals and using well established objective methods.

Vision: As a partner in all human resources matters we want to create a consciousness that every company comprises of people and grows.

Mission: We support organizations and people in building and developing their potential, in promoting real and sustainable values. We make use of objective methods so that to highlight individual potentiality with all its diversity.
Values: HILL stands for appreciated cooperation and humanistic management. Appreciation for everyone – clients, applicants and business partners.
Othmar Hill, founder HILL International

"In commerce rational issues are far too prominent. Management competencies, employee satisfaction and other “soft“ factors have only come second for many years. Lip service such as “In our company the employee as a person takes centre stage“ is often supplemented with "which is why he/she is so often in the way". 35 years ago, I declared it my mission to alter this attitude which can be found in the minds of so many managers and leaders! "
Othmar Hill, Founder of HILL International